On 27.12.2016 14:21, 積丹尼 Dan Jacobson wrote:
> All I know is
> wdg-html-validator_1.6.2-8_all.deb is now obsolete.
> So the user does
> # apt-cache search validator.*HTML5
> libhtml5parser-java - validator.nu HTML parser implementation in Java
> libhtml5parser-java-doc - Documentation for libhtml5parser-java
> Voila!
> But alas he installs the packages only to find there is no way /
> instructions to do his familiar
> $ validate file.html
> line 335 column 1 - Warning: missing </a> before </p>
> So he doesn't know why he downloaded the package.

I usually read the package description with aptitude show
libhtml5parser-java and in this case it tells me that the package
contains a HTML5 parser implementation written in Java. Also the package
name itself is quite self-explaining, it's a library written in Java.
Everyone who is not familiar with the terms "parser, HTML5 and Java"
will probably shy away from it. It is not a drop-in-replacement for
wdg-html-validator, otherwise I would have mentioned it.

All in all I consider the package description to be sufficiently
informative and there is a lot of documentation in libhtml5parser-java-doc.

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