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On 02.01.2017 01:13, Nagy Attila István wrote:
> Package: sweethome3d
> Version: 4.5+dfsg-3
> Severity: important
> Tags: patch
> SweetHome3D is not listed in the application list reachable via right 
> clicking a file and selecting 
>  "Open with"->"Other application..."->"View all applications".
> The cause of this is that the SweetHome3D desktop file 
> (/usr/share/applications/sweethome3d.desktop) lacks a %U from the Exec line, 
>  this way Gnome3 doesn't recognise the program as being able to handle 
> parameters, so it is excluded from 
>  the list of appications.
> The solution is to change the line in the file 
> /usr/share/applications/sweethome3d.desktop:
> Exec=sweethome3d
> to:
> Exec=sweethome3d %U


thanks for the report. I have just uploaded a new revision which changes
the Exec line to Exec=sweethome3d %U. However I don't think that it will
be backported to Jessie.



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