On Mon, 20 Feb 2017 09:20:17 -0800, tony mancill wrote:

> > With "0" I still get an empty greyish window and nothing more.
> Ugh!  I'm just guessing, but I suspect you are now seeing a *different*
> issue related to one of the AWT race conditions we seem to encounter
> from time to time.  

Quite possible ...

> If you're willing to try with another window
> manager, that might tell us something.  

Hm, I only have awesome installed

> You can also try exporting
> "NOISY_AWT=true" and hitting CTRL-Shift-F1 to dump the AWT component
> hierarchy [1] (and then sending that to me so I can compare it with the
> hierarchy I see on my system).

Sure, will do so in a minute.
> But the larger question of whether pdfsam is fit for stretch is probably
> the more pressing.  The Debian packaging is quite dated at this point
> [2], and while looking into this issue, I noticed that the Debian
> version phones home for an update check during its startup...  :(

Right, that's what I noticed as well :)


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