On Wed, 15 Jul 2015 05:57:59 +0200 treaki <tre...@treaki.tk> wrote:
> Package: pdfsam
> Version: 1.1.4-2
> Severity: important
> Dear Maintainer,
> i have followed the instructions given by pdfsam-console but it isnt working 
> as aspected...
> treaki@hostname:~/[...]/p01$ pdfsam-console -compressed -f page01.pdf -f 
> page02.pdf -o pr01.pdf concat
> [...]

When running exactly the same command, I get the same result. The reason
is that pdfsam has a certain expectation of the specification for the
output file (parameter '-o'). Using '-o ./pr01.pdf' (with a leading './'
to indicate that the file is to be created in the current directory) works:

    $ pdfsam-console -compressed -f page01.pdf -f page02.pdf -o
./pr01.pdf concat
    [warning] /usr/bin/pdfsam-console: No java runtime was found


     pdfsam console

     available properties:

      JAVA: java

      JAVA_OPTS: -Dlog4j.configuration=console-log4j.xml



    19:32:41,322 DEBUG  Console log level set to DEBUG
    19:32:41,342 DEBUG  Starting arguments parsing.
    19:32:41,348 DEBUG  Command 'concat' parsed in 5ms
    19:32:41,348 DEBUG  Starting arguments validation.
    19:32:41,350 DEBUG  Command 'concat' validated in 2ms
    19:32:41,353 DEBUG  Creating temporary file..
    19:32:41,401 INFO   /home/michi/page01.pdf: 1 pages to be added.
    19:32:41,457 DEBUG  PdfSimpleConcatenator created.
    19:32:41,482 INFO   1 pages processed correctly.
    19:32:41,489 INFO   /home/michi/page02.pdf: 1 pages to be added.
    19:32:41,493 INFO   1 pages processed correctly.
    19:32:41,494 INFO   Total processed pages: 2.
    19:32:41,509 DEBUG  File /home/michi/pr01.pdf created.
    19:32:41,510 INFO   Command 'concat' executed in 159ms

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