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On 23/03/2017, Emmanuel Bourg <> wrote:
> Le 23/03/2017 à 15:20, shirish शिरीष a écrit :
>> There doesn't seem to be a metapackage to install all maven library
>> packages and have to install them manually which is time-consuming.
>> Could something be done about it ?
> Hi Shirish,
> What do you mean by "install all maven library packages" ? 'apt-get
> install maven' will install everything necessary to run the mvn executable.
> Emmanuel Bourg

Dear Emmanuel,

Just $ sudo aptitude install maven or $ sudo apt-get install maven
install maven only, I meant the libraries and plugin like -

> aptitude search maven                                                         
>                                                    [94%]
p   antlr3-gunit-maven-plugin
- Maven plugin for gUnit, a unit test framework for ANTLR grammars
p   antlr3-maven-plugin
- Maven plugin for ANTLR 3
p   antlr3.2-gunit-maven-plugin
- Maven plugin for gUnit, a unit test framework for ANTLR grammars
p   antlr3.2-maven-plugin
- Maven plugin for ANTLR 3.2
p   antlr4-maven-plugin
- Maven plugin for ANTLR 4
p   jruby-maven-plugins
- Maven plugins to handle Ruby gems in a Maven compatible way
i   libangular-maven-plugin-java
- Angular Maven Plugin
i   libantlr-maven-plugin-java
- Maven ANTLR Plugin
i   libaspectj-maven-plugin-java
- AspectJ compiler Maven Plugin
i   libavro-maven-plugin-java
- Apache Avro Maven plugin
i   libbuild-helper-maven-plugin-java
- Build Helper Maven Plugin
p   libbuild-helper-maven-plugin-java-doc
- Documentation for Build Helper Maven Plugin
i   libclojure-maven-plugin-java
- Clojure plugin for Maven
i   libdoxia-maven-plugin-java
- Maven plugin for Doxia
i   libhawtjni-maven-plugin-java
- HawtJNI Maven Plugin
i   libjarjar-maven-plugin-java
- Maven plugin to repackage third-party jars
i   libjavacc-maven-plugin-java
- maven plugin which uses JavaCC to process JavaCC grammar files
i   libmaven-ant-tasks-java
- use Maven's artifact handling features from Ant
i   libmaven-antrun-extended-plugin-java
- Extended integration between Maven and Ant
p   libmaven-antrun-extended-plugin-java-doc
- Documentation for extended integration between Maven and Ant
i   libmaven-antrun-plugin-java
- Maven AntRun Plugin
i   libmaven-archiver-java
- Archiver component for Maven
p   libmaven-archiver-java-doc
- Archiver component for Maven - API documentation
i   libmaven-assembly-plugin-java
- Maven Assembly Plugin
i   libmaven-bundle-plugin-java
- Maven plugin to handle artifact OSGi metadata
p   libmaven-bundle-plugin-java-doc
- Maven plugin to handle artifact OSGi metadata - documentation
i   libmaven-clean-plugin-java
- Maven clean plugin
p   libmaven-clean-plugin-java-doc
- Maven clean plugin - API documentation
i   libmaven-common-artifact-filters-java
- Maven Common Artifact Filters
p   libmaven-common-artifact-filters-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven Common Artifact Filters
i   libmaven-compiler-plugin-2.5-java
- Maven Compiler plugin
p   libmaven-compiler-plugin-2.5-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven Compiler Plugin
i   libmaven-compiler-plugin-java
- Maven Compiler plugin
p   libmaven-compiler-plugin-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven Compiler Plugin
i   libmaven-dependency-analyzer-java
- Maven Dependency Analyzer
i   libmaven-dependency-plugin-java
- Maven Dependency Plugin
i   libmaven-dependency-tree-java
- Maven Dependency Tree
p   libmaven-dependency-tree-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven Dependency Tree
i   libmaven-deploy-plugin-java
- Maven Deploy plugin
i   libmaven-doxia-tools-java
- utilities for integrating Doxia in Maven
p   libmaven-doxia-tools-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven Doxia Integration Tools
i   libmaven-ear-plugin-java
- Maven EAR Plugin
i   libmaven-ejb-plugin-java
- Maven EJB Plugin
i   libmaven-embedder-java
- Maven Embedder
p   libmaven-embedder-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven Embedder
i   libmaven-enforcer-plugin-java
- Maven build rule execution framework
i   libmaven-exec-plugin-java
- Maven Exec Plugin
i   libmaven-file-management-java
- Maven File Management API
p   libmaven-file-management-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven File Management API
i   libmaven-filtering-java
- Maven Filtering
i   libmaven-indexer-java
- Maven :: Indexer
i   libmaven-install-plugin-java
- Maven install plugin
p   libmaven-install-plugin-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven Install Plugin
i   libmaven-invoker-java
- Maven Invoker
i   libmaven-invoker-plugin-java
- Maven Invoker Plugin
i   libmaven-jar-plugin-java
- Maven Jar Plugin
p   libmaven-jar-plugin-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven Jar Plugin
i   libmaven-javadoc-plugin-java
- Maven Javadoc Plugin
i A libmaven-parent-java
- Maven metadata for Apache Maven itself
i   libmaven-plugin-testing-java
- Maven Plugin Testing
p   libmaven-plugin-testing-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven Plugin Testing
i   libmaven-plugin-tools-java
- Maven Plugin Tools
i   libmaven-processor-plugin-java
- Maven plugin to process annotations for Java 6 at compile time
i   libmaven-reporting-impl-java
- Maven Reporting API Implementation
p   libmaven-reporting-impl-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven Reporting API Implementation
i   libmaven-repository-builder-java
- Maven Repository Builder
p   libmaven-repository-builder-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven Repository Builder
i   libmaven-resources-plugin-java
- Maven resources plugin
i   libmaven-scm-java
- Maven SCM - Common API for SCM operations (Core API)
p   libmaven-scm-java-doc
- Maven SCM - Common API for SCM operations (Documentation)
i   libmaven-scm-providers-java
- Maven SCM - Common API for SCM operations (Providers)
i   libmaven-script-interpreter-java
- Maven Script Interpreter
i   libmaven-shade-plugin-java
- Maven shade plugin
i   libmaven-shared-incremental-java
- Maven incremental build utilities
p   libmaven-shared-incremental-java-doc
- Maven incremental build utilities (documentation)
i   libmaven-shared-io-java
- Maven API for I/O support
p   libmaven-shared-io-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven API for I/O support
i   libmaven-shared-jar-java
- Maven JAR Utilities
p   libmaven-shared-jar-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven JAR Utilities
i   libmaven-shared-utils-java
- Replacement for plexus-utils in Maven
p   libmaven-shared-utils-java-doc
- Replacement for plexus-utils in Maven (documentation)
i   libmaven-site-plugin-java
- Maven Site Plugin for generating a site
i   libmaven-source-plugin-java
- Maven Source Plugin
i   libmaven-verifier-java
- Maven Verifier Component
p   libmaven-verifier-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven Verifier Component
i   libmaven-war-plugin-java
- Maven WAR Plugin
i A libmaven2-core-java
- Core libraries for Maven2
p   libmaven2-core-java-doc
- API documentation for Maven2
i A libmaven3-core-java
- Core libraries for Maven 3
p   libminify-maven-plugin-java
- Minify Maven Plugin
p   libmodello-maven-plugin-java
- Modello Maven Plugin enables the use of Modello in Maven builds
p   libmodello-maven-plugin-java-doc
- Documentation for Modello Maven Plugin
i   libmunge-maven-plugin-java
- Maven plugin to pre-process Java code
p   libmunge-maven-plugin-java-doc
- Maven plugin to pre-process Java code - documentation
i   libparanamer-maven-plugin-java
- Paranamer Maven Plugin
i   libplexus-maven-plugin-java
- Maven plugin for the Plexus Component Descriptor Creator
i   libpolyglot-maven-java
- modules to enable Maven usage in others JVM languages
p   libpolyglot-maven-java-doc
- modules to enable Maven usage in others JVM languages - docs
i   libproperties-maven-plugin-java
- Maven Plugin to read and write property files from
p   libproperties-maven-plugin-java-doc
- Documentation for Properties Maven Plugin
i   libsisu-maven-plugin-java
- Manage Sisu components and applications
i   libxml-maven-plugin-java
- Maven XML Plugin
i   libxmlbeans-maven-plugin-java
- Maven XMLBeans Plugin
p   libxmlbeans-maven-plugin-java-doc
- Documentation for Maven XMLBeans Plugin
i   maven
- Java software project management and comprehension tool
p   maven-ant-helper
- helper scripts for building Maven components with ant
p   maven-debian-helper
- Helper tools for building Debian packages with Maven
i   maven-repo-helper
- Helper tools for including Maven metadata in Debian packages
p   ruby-maven-libs

I wish all those plugins could be installed by a metapackage or is
there and perhaps I'm not aware of it ?

Look forward to your response.

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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