On Thu, 23 Mar 2017 16:22:26 +0100 Tobias Wich <tobias.w...@electrologic.org> 
> Hello,
> I can reproduce the problem in between a few seconds and a few minutes, so it 
> shouldn't be 
> a problem getting the stacktraces. However it's been ages that I used gdb and 
> I'm far from 
> an expert in that field.
> First I tried adding -XX:OnError="gdb - %p", so gdb is started when the 
> process crashes. But I 
> guess the assert error performs the usual exit on the process and nothing 
> happens.
> I tried attaching the process with gdb --pid=..., but the java process 
> constantly raises SIGSEGV 
> at least once every second. 
> Can someone tell me how these breaks can be ignored? And how I get all the 
> necessary stack 
> traces?


you could try setting

(gdb) handle SIGSEGV nostop noprint pass

then "cont" and when it crashes "bt full"

I'm no gdb expert either but if you get something useful from gdb it could be 



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