Hi Markus,

Am 29.03.2017 um 15:15 schrieb Markus Koschany:
>> There is no jar without a version number. This makes it impossible to
>> add the jar to the CLASSPATH of other packages,
> This is not true. You can add such jar files to your CLASSPATH.
>> since the file name will change silently with the next version.
> This is true.

This is my point: we cannot rely on it.

>> Therefore, please include also a versionless jar file
>> BrowserLauncher2.jar. This is also requested by Java policy.
> Java Policy is more like Parley from Pirates of the Caribbean and
> incomplete by the way. I suggest to downgrade the bug to "important"
> because it does not affect jmodeltest, the only reverse-dependency at
> the moment and a missing symlink is not release critical in this case
> and can be trivially worked around.

It affects the package: in the moment when a new version is uploaded (my
it be via backports), it will silently break jmodeltest. It will also
silently break local usage, even if the new version would be otherwise
compatible. Both is not acceptable for a release, hence the RC status.

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