On 03/30/2017 04:30 PM, Ole Streicher wrote:

One question here: the tutorial [1] says

"Use the isDesktopSupported() method to determine whether the Desktop
API is available. On the Solaris Operating System and the Linux
platform, this API is dependent on Gnome libraries. If those libraries
are unavailable, this method will return false. After determining that
the Desktop API is supported, that is, the isDesktopSupported() returns
true, the application can retrieve a Desktop instance using the static
method getDesktop()."

So, on a random (minimal) Debian (Jessie/Stretch) installation, how safe
is it to assume that this works when default-jre is installed? And do I
need to check if Desktop.Action.BROWSE is available or can I safely
assume it?

Excellent question, this needs some testing with various desktop environments.

Emmanuel Bourg

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