Le 18/04/2017 à 00:07, Emmanuel Bourg a écrit :

> I'll get another look.

I wrote a simple test case:

    import com.sun.jna.platform.unix.X11;
    public class JNATest {
        public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
            System.setProperty("jna.boot.library.name", "jnidispatch.foo");
            System.out.println("XAllocSizeHints: " + 

Compiled and executed with the system JNA jar:

    java -cp .:/usr/share/java/jna.jar:/usr/share/java/jna-platform.jar JNATest

And this always works, even if the jna.boot.library.name property
contains a bogus name.

Renaming libjnidispatch.system.so to libjnidispatch.so triggers
an UnsatisfiedLinkError.

I checked again the JNA code and there is no other occurrence of
jna.boot.library.* besides the ones removed in 4.2.2-3.

This issue really looks like an embedded jar. If it isn't in netbeans
directly, it could be in one of its dependencies.

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