On 05/18/2017 06:48 PM, 殷啟聰 wrote:
> The reason behind this package name is that it provides the Javadoc
> for both of the 2 library packages
> (libuncommons-watchmaker-framework-java &
> libuncommons-watchmaker-swing-java). If I split their Javadocs, there
> will be dead hyperlinks (or in fact the class fullname instead of
> hyperlinks) throughout the Javadoc of
> libuncommons-watchmaker-swing-java.

I agree this is a tricky case. I'm not even sure maven-debian-helper is
able to wire properly the javadocs of different modules from the same
package. In this case I'd suggest basing the name of the javadoc package
on the main binary package, so here that would be

> pkg:gradle-doc follows the same reason, I guess. Besides, I fail to
> find a javadoc package naming rule in the current Debian Java Policy.

gradle is a bit different, it's a command line tool and not a library.

You are right to point out this isn't specified in the policy. The
lib*-java-doc pattern is commonly used though and for consistency it
would be good to stick to it.

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