Am 06.06.2017 um 13:54 schrieb Simon Kainz:
> Hello,
> i am currently packaging natbraille [0], which in the new version
> 2.2rc1) depends on several libs, including saxonb.
> The source archive [1] from the project website ships several jar
> archives, which i managed to replace with either complete new packages
> (one shipped by the natbraille project itself) or replaced by already
> apckages software form the archives.
> The last one i am struggling with is libsaxonb-java [2], which needs
> ExtensionFunctionDefinition . As stated on [3], this is supported from
> version 9.2.
> I do *not* want to put work one someone else, so if it would be ok for
> you (the pkg-java-team) i would try to prepare a new saxonb package for
> you to review.
> Would this be ok ? This package has also very less rdepends, so i hope
> this won't break to much things.
> Thanks & please share your thoughts.


thanks for your interest in saxonb. No objections from my side and
updates are always welcome. Though please test whether the
reverse-dependencies can still be built from source.

P.S.: I suggest to e-mail debian-java next time because
pkg-java-maintainers is just the bug mailing list.



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