Le 15/06/2017 à 18:09, Cyril Brulebois a écrit :

> If all succeed, I intend to NMU ca-certificates-java with the attached
> changes. I could have reintroduced the old package, but I chose to retain
> the svn to git changes, and to drop the version for the openjdk-7 case,
> since even jessie had a higher version. Attached debdiffs against current
> version, and previous one.

Is this the only solution? That's a bit odd to retain the openjdk-7
dependency on ca-certificates-java and potentially stick with it
forever. Maybe we should simply remove the JRE dependency on
ca-certificates-java and move the keystore generation to openjdk-8. That
would also solve the circular dependency (#864657).

If you upload a NMU could you please push the changes to the Git repository?

Emmanuel Bourg

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