Am 24.06.2017 um 05:47 schrieb Phil Wyett:
> Package: netbeans
> Version: 8.1+dfsg3-2
> Severity: minor
> Dear Maintainer,
> Under gnome on stretch. Added netbeans desktop icon to favorites.
> When you then launch netbeans you will get a second netbeans icon
> on your favorites bar.
> Adding the line below to 'netbeans.desktop' file corrects the issue.
> StartupWMClass=NetBeans IDE 8.1
> Note: netbeans has been run multiple times, plugins added and updated
>       from within netbeans itself.

True. Thanks for the report. It never bothered me but I guess this can
be easily fixed. I just need to remember now that I have to update the
class name for new versions of Netbeans.



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