On Wed, 05 Jul 2017 07:30:37 +0200 Petter Reinholdtsen <p...@hungry.com>
> Package: vecmath
> Version: 1.5.2-5
> The homepage URL to vecmath no longer work.  I have no idea where the
> new upstream home is.
> PS: I would be glad if someone could remove me from the uploader list,
>     as I am no longer involved in the maintainence.

I also couldn't find a current and active project of vecmath. I have
handled this like I usually do for games. If the upstream homepage is
gone, I change the homepage field in d/control and d/copyright and point
to the corresponding tracker.debian.org page. Users will always get a
valid address which can be trusted and is controlled by Debian and the
sources are only a few clicks away.

Emmanuel (who should really use an IRC bouncer like znc :-) ) suggested
to use sites like archive.org but I believe a Debian controlled site is

As already confirmed on IRC, I have removed you from Uploaders.



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