Hi Amedee,

Thanks a lot for the heads up, we'll remove the patches when updating
the iText package to 5.5.12 or later.


Emmanuel Bourg

Le 7/07/2017 à 14:17, Amedee Van Gasse a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am sending you this email because you are a maintainer of the package
> libitext5-java.
> I'd like to inform you that we (iText Software) have decided to remove
> all Google Analytics tracking from the iText Javadocs, starting from
> iText 5.5.12 which will be released mid-August 2017.
> One of the motives was compliance with the GDPR directive - we can ask
> visitors permission on our own website itextpdf.com (which is a Drupal
> website, and has all of the requirements for the GDPR built-in) but we
> cannot do that as easy on a static Javadoc page. Additionally, when
> Javadoc is distributed to end users, and viewed on their local machine,
> then tracking is out of the question anyway.
> So if you ever want to make a Debian package out of iText 5.5.12, then
> remove-javadoc-page-tracking.patch will no longer be required.
> This is the commit that applies the change:
> https://github.com/itext/itextpdf/commit/ec2a56b4585740ae0335d1a3af11fb95c076615e
> Additionally, I also made a change so you no longer need to apply
> utf8.patch:
> https://github.com/itext/itextpdf/commit/db999c007b681684d51663fdc877974ba2a36e04
> iText 7 (current release: 7.0.3) didn't have Google Analytics tracking
> to start with, but that isn't available as a Debian package, so it's
> just FYI.
> If you have any other suggestions that can improve the packaging of
> iText for Debian, or anything else, then you can mail directly to me or
> mail to commun...@itextpdf.com.
> Best regards,

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