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Le 25/08/2017 à 21:41, Chris West a écrit :

> A number of packages seem to be failing to find classes during their
> javadoc build, but they are mostly ant based and I was hoping it was
> just bugs in the build file, not a scary change in the way the javadoc
> tool works. I have no idea what's going on here.

Thanks a lot for the Java 9 FTBFS analysis! I got a quick look at this
javadoc issue, javadoc became more strict wrt to missing class on the
classpath. With Java 8 a warning was displayed, but with Java 9 it's now
an error. The only workaround I've found besides fixing the classpath is
to add the new -Xold javadoc option to revert to the Java 8 behavior.

Do you know how many packages are affected by this issue?

Emmanuel Bourg

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