Source: dbus-java
Version: 2.8
Severity: normal
Usertags: default-java9

This package fails to build with default-jdk pointing to openjdk-9-jdk.
Please fix it, so that we can start the transition to Java 9.
The wiki has some common problems and their solutions:

msgfmt fails to find a compiler. I'm pretty sure I've seen this elsewhere,
maybe it's a bug in msgfmt not these packages, or they are expected to set
or not set environment variables?

Build log:

(cd translations; for i in *.po; do msgfmt --java2 -r dbusjava_localized -d 
../classes -l ${i%.po} $i; done)
msgfmt: Java compiler not found, try installing gcj or set $JAVAC
msgfmt: compilation of Java class failed, please try --verbose or set $JAVAC
Makefile:80: recipe for target '.classes' failed


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