tag 874579 + pending

Some bugs in the libhibernate-validator-java package are closed in
revision 0d79f6cee7bdf590f50d9ff9ba818282455f2079 in branch 'master'
by Markus Koschany

The full diff can be seen at

Commit message:

    Add jboss-logging-tools.patch and provide the missing source files manually.
    The packaging was incomplete because generated classes were not created at
    build time. Apparently this is caused by a wrong or outdated invocation of 
    jboss-logging-processor in pom.xml. This package still requires an older
    version of jboss-logging-tools which behaves differently. This patch works
    around the issue by applying the sources manually. They were created with
    version 1.0.1.Final of jboss-logging-tools and then Log_$logger.java was
    patched to fix a missing override. For more information see #874579.
    Closes: #874579

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