On 10/03/2017 04:19 PM, Markus Koschany wrote:

We have never shipped Netbeans in Jessie because it was not usable at
all back then. I presume that was another version, probably downloaded
from upstream directly.

Interesting, I wonder if my pre-stretch one was netbeans 7 left over
from wheezy or something then; I do have the lingering impression that
it upgraded itself at some point as I don't recall it mysteriously
vanishing altogether and I don't seem to have a different local version
lying around. Though then there'd be the question of how I used maven in it.

It is true that we never supported Maven out-of-the-box because it is
not part of the Base IDE.

I should mention that extra confusion came from upstream's and others'
documentation: nothing I read anywhere about how to open Maven projects
suggested that Netbeans shouldn't be able to handle Maven already out of
the box and when I searched in its addon/plugin installer thing "maven"
produced no search results.

Now knowing that Netbeans' Maven support is not part of the base makes
things rather clearer. At most then this "bug" might simply be a
wishlist for having support for common modern build systems like maven
and gradle packaged. Though, while I've tried a mix of Debian-packaged
Eclipse with plugins from upstream and run into enough version
incompatibility horror to never want to attempt that again, the
situation might be better with using upstream's plugins with Debianized

Thank you very much for explaining everything.



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