Source: tuxguitar
Version: 1.2-23
Severity: important

I tried tuxguitar 1.2-23 on Ubuntu 17.10 (with the default desktop
there on a themed GNOME on Wayland.) (I was having trouble running
GNOME on Wayland on Debian in VirtualBox.)

tuxguitar was recently switched in Debian unstable to use swt4-gtk
(which uses gtk3 by default. gtk2 does not offer any native Wayland
support. You might need gtk3 anyway for the Documentation viewer, see

tuxguitar is nearly unusable in GNOME on Wayland. The traditional
File/Edit/View/etc. menu is missing. Mouse clicks are an inch away
from the mouse cursor. The Debian GNOME team intends to use Wayland by
default on GNOME for Debian 10 "Buster".

This might be a bug in swt4-gtk so feel free to reassign as needed. (I
normally don't use any Java apps. I just happened to try this one
while checking 879228.)

Jeremy Bicha

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