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        at  60e8d64   Upload to unstable

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  9b42d34   Moving the stuff to java-common + written its 
user documentation
       new  6ecb672   [java-common] Moving to to 
to prevent possible clashes
       new  434a173   [java-common] Integrating to java-wrappers modifications 
suggested by Eric Lavarde
       new  4e06bd8   [] Export a decent JAVA_HOME, idea taken 
from #404728
       new  53836dc   Moved java-wrappers to a separate package
       new  25cd13c   [java-wrappers] Wrong maintainer address...
       new  9cc0281   [java-wrappers] New upload with the right Maintainer field
       new  83d9053   [java-wrappers] The "oops I should write debian/copyright 
better" commit
       new  8883788   [java-wrappers] Fix several small typos/bugs
       new  9406920   [java-wrappers] find_java_runtime now takes several 
       new  1dfcec2   [java-wrappers] Version 0.1.4
       new  33b6101   [java-wrappers] Fix the pattern problem when JAVA_HOME is 
       new  5188625   [java-wrappers] Added a JAVA_FLAVOR customization + 
       new  201519f   [java-wrappers] Beginnings of a newer scheme for 
       new  dfc5ef7   [java-wrappers] Ready for the upload to experimental
       new  1943f58   [java-wrappers] Fix various long-standing syntax errors
       new  10784fe   [java-wrappers] Fix the case when no arguments are given 
to find_java_runtime
       new  b1053bd   [java-wrappers] Adding cacao-oj6
       new  b5fe80b   [java-wrappers] Adding the sunmin5 (for jabref)
       new  1093570   [java-wrappers] Fix for bug #514339
       new  8150cc2   [java-wrappers] Ready for upload
       new  fd687f7   [java-wrappers] Long-forgotten commit for the upload to 
       new  895cb18   [java-wrappers] Fix locate_jar for absolute paths
       new  b57dea6   [java-wrappers] Hmm... java-wrappers is now section: java
       new  859aaaa   [java-wrappers] Adding default as a valid JRE choice and 
actually make it the default for all; thank to twerner !
       new  d078f73   [java-wrappers] Beginnings of a small function for 
determining the reasonable value for a -Xmx argument
       new  f7f7838   [java-wrappers] Some documentation updates + ready for 
0.1.16 upload
       new  6200233   [java-wrappers] Now ready for upload
       new  228148b   add java-alternatives jvm to find_java_runtime() when no 
       new  ae552d4   [java-wrappers] Building upon Gabriele's patch for a 
proper fix
       new  6209b24   [java-wrappers] conforms to recent standards
       new  f5da209   [java-wrappers] Upload to unstable
       new  a9dce35   [java-wrappers] Experimental support for automatic 
classpath loading
       new  0c67196   [java-wrappers] Looks like I've forgotten something...
       new  f454f5e   [java-wrappers] Switch to dh 7
       new  f4e4662   [java-wrappers] Ready for upload
       new  41762c4   [java-wrappers] Finalize the form of find_jar_classpath
       new  cc665e7   [java-wrappers] Severely trim down the list of valid JVMs 
+ ensure the likes of find_java_runtime default-jre are spotted in due time
       new  de2154e   [java-wrappers] Now correctly following relative paths 
from the Class-Path attribute
       new  9b3341a   [java-wrappers] Fix a final glitch, ready for upload to 
       new  0fe7d55   [java-wrappers] (almost) fix the new arch-dependent dirs 
for openjdk
       new  1ae0535   [java-wrappers] Really fix the architecture dependence of 
openjdk-6 + take openjdk7 into account as well
       new  5a79d5e   [java-wrappers] do not implicitly include . in classpath
       new  651c760   [java-wrappers] fix run_jar
       new  e314d93   [java-wrappers] lift the assumption that alternatives are 
in /usr/lib/jvm
       new  f6e7f9c   [java-wrappers] prefer openjdk7
       new  d8d7be9   [java-wrappers] drop DESTDIR altogether, since it seems 
like the remnants of something very very very old and not used
       new  000b804   [java-wrappers] install file to arch-indep locations, 
symlinking from where they used to be
       new  df880ec   [java-wrappers] almost ready for upload
       new  d8624e3   [java-wrappers] some additional details
       new  171383f   patch for #743248 - support Oracle Java 7 paths from 
       new  9ba144c   update java-wrappers to detect JDK 8/java8
       new  b929255   update for JDK7/8
       new  8cda24c   bump std-ver
       new  8c30843   Moved the package to Git
       new  895b5c7   Standards-Version updated to 4.1.1
       new  5288196   Switch to debhelper level 10
       new  63b338f   Support the JVMs installed by the webupd8 installer 
(Closes: #799270)
       new  a36d813   Added OpenJDK 8 as an alternative alias for openjdk 
(Closes: #834552)
       new  76bb603   Added Java 9 support
       new  60e8d64   Upload to unstable

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