Le 2/10/2017 à 00:51, Elana Hashman a écrit :

> For some reason it is provided in libwagon-java but not libwagon2. Is
> there a particular reason or is this something we could add to the build?

Hi Elana,

I disabled wagon-ssh a couple of years ago because it wasn't used and it
inflated the number of dependencies pulled when installing Maven
(wagon-ssh depends on plexus-interactivity-api, jsch and jsch-agent-proxy).

Yesterday I've upgraded the old wagon package to the latest 3.0.0
release (actually I've renamed the wagon2 package) In the version
3.0.0-2 the wagon-ssh modules are enabled again, but they are now
installed in their own libwagon-ssh-java package. The package will be
available in a few days/weeks once it completes its run through the NEW

Emmanuel Bourg

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