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Le 08/12/2017 à 23:10, Chris Lamb a écrit :

> asm lists ".settings" in the Files-Excluded field in debian/copyright
> but the source tree contains .settings/de.loskutov.anyedit.AnyEditTools.prefs.

This is an Eclipse configuration file. Nothing offending DFSG wise but I
use to remove them to tidy up the tarball.

> This is probably not a DFSG violation, but at least the upstream tarball was
> not repacked as intended. Alternatively, the field is simply out of date or
> a (well-justified) Lintian warning is necessary.
I added the Files-Excluded field as I worked on the version 6.0, but I
postponed the upload of the new version and pushed an update of the
6.0~alpha version instead. That's why the content of the tarball doesn't
match the exclusions listed in debian/copyright yet.

Emmanuel Bourg

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