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the line find_java_runtime java6 is basically correct. It is the minimum
requirement for running Sweethome3d. Nowadays it should be java7 though
because java6 is no longer supported in Debian.

Actually making the Oracle JDK the preferred JDK via the alternative

        update-alternatives --config java

should resolve your issue. If not, then we have a bug in java-wrappers.
It seems this is the case. I've done this right after the installation of Oracle 8u152. After reading a little bit about the find_java_runtime function, it seems that it only uses the alternatives list if it gets no parameter.

If two java8 JRE are installed on the same system, java-wrappers should
detect and use the one which is the preferred JRE based on the
update-alternative mechanism.

If you are really sure that the Oracle JRE is already the preferred one,
please report back and I'm going to reassign this bug report to
java-wrappers. The real issue is in openjdk though but this will be
fixed eventually.
Yes, I'm absolutely sure I've set the default. At one point I even tried to set the /usr/lib/jvm/default-java symlink to point to the newly installed directory but this got ignored as well.

So please reassign this bug.
As a side note the documentation of find_java_runtime doesn't really mention the role of the parameter (it's the minimum version or the wanted version), so maybe this should be fixed as well.

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