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Package: azureus
Severity: wishlist

Dear Maintainer,
       Either remove vuze or get the newest stable version in debian.

here's the changelog for the same :-

2014.02.07 - Vuze

     UI | Content selection dialog when more than one file can be
played [TuxPaper]
    UI | Added a configurable 'share ratio progress' column to display
times at which certain ratios were met [Parg]
    UI | Added alert count to system tray tooltip and next download eta [Parg]
    UI | Added column to sources view to show completed downloads
reported by tracker, where available [Parg]
    UI | Where permitted you can now edit subscription URLS via
right-click in sidebar [Parg]
    UI | Subscriptions can now be renamed in the sidebar [Parg]
    UI | Expansion state of torrents in Library views now remembered [Parg]
    UI | Added per-file read/write rates to files view [Parg]
    UI | Added per-file ETA based on file write rate [Parg]
    UI | Support explicit external browsers (or plugin provided) for
opening external links [Parg]
    UI | Permit search results and subscription views to be opened in
an external browser [Parg]
    UI | Added explicit proxy support for internal browser views [Parg]
    UI | Menu option to delete tracker sources directly from the view [Parg]
    UI | Multi-select support in sources view [Parg]
    UI | Manual tags can now be closed + opened in the sidebar [Parg]
    UI | Transparency can noe be applied to the transfer/mini bars [Parg]
    Plug | Added tag support to scannerss plugin [Parg]
    Plug | Added Tag support to rss feed scanner plugin [Parg]
    Core | Added a downloading queue rules section to control 'rank
downloads by speed' option [Parg]
    Core | Added manual piece forcing and re-requesting [Parg]
    Core | New option to remove 'skipped' partial files when removing
download from library [Parg]
    Core | DHT can now bootstrap via version server if needed [Parg]
    Core | Added the ability to add new torrents in a paused state [Parg]


    UI | Column setup dialog initial sort order is alphabetic ascending [Parg]
    UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
    UI | Basque translation update [Azpidatziak]
    UI | Korean translation update [Dong-yoon Han]
    UI | Improved system tray tooltip rendering time and added option
to menu to enable [Parg]
    UI | Manual Tag menus are now subdivided when there's a lot of tags [Parg]
    UI | Defer updates to sub-tabs when not visible [Parg]
    Core | Don't permit torrent transfer if DHT peer source disabled [Parg]
    Core | Always merge trackers explicitly listed in a magnet URI
into the resulting torrent [Parg]
    Core | IPv6 is no longer automatically enabled for Beta/CVS users [Parg]
    Core | Revert 'best guess' download save location logic to default
to off when explicit save dir set [Parg]
    Core | Tag initial-save-location now applied when starting a
torrent added in stopped state [Parg]
    Core | Tolerate failures to decode search results [Parg]
    Core | An aggregated scrape value is now used to drive seeding rules [Parg]

Corrected Bugs:

    UI | Prevent potential GUI hang when constructing swarm view [Parg]
    UI | Fix layout issue for total stats view [Parg]
    UI | Reduce selected content thrashing when multiple selection
operated on [Parg]
    UI | Fix double listener addition in piece info view [Parg]
    Plug | I2P plugin updated to work with latest I2P releases [Parg]
    Plug | Fix XML-over-HTTP plugin when using Java 7 [amc]
    Plug | MLab plugin now uses JSON based server selection [Parg]
    Plug | Fixed azcron to accept up/download speed limits > 100K/sec [Parg]
    Plug | Fixed Twitter plugin [Parg]
    Core | Fixed up test for writability to folders on Windows when
ascertaining validity of default save locations [Parg]
    Core | Prevent subscription lookups from blocking DHT threads [Parg]
    Core | Fixed parsing of RSS feeds containing bad DTD refs [Parg]
    Core | Fixed synchronization in pairing state update [Parg]
    Core | Prevented top-level directories from prematurely being
created for add-stopped torrents [Parg]
    Core | Thread safety improvements for config access [Parg]
    Core | Prevent open-torrent-options dialog from using low-noise
downloads as guessing guidance [Parg]
    Core | ensure that bind-fails are treated as permanent errors if
force-set (fixes unwanted non-VPN connections during VPN connection
failure) [Parg]
    Core | Fixed 100% cpu caused by corrupted hashset [Parg]
    Core | Added asyncronization to selector creation to work around
some AV products blocking Vuze during startup [Parg]
    Core | Fix tracker announcer issue when editting tracker URLs [Parg]

2013.11.26 - Vuze

     UI | Added menu option to notification area to dismiss all
notifications [Parg]
    UI | Added download name to sidebar tooltip as may be truncated in
sidebar view [Parg]
    UI | Added some image types to the 'quick view' feature [Parg]
    UI | Manual update option for DHT tracker [Parg]
    UI | Added current IP to transfer stats view [Parg]
    UI | Support the assignment of colours to manual tags [Parg]
    UI | Menu option to select folder contents in open torrent options
dialog [Parg]
    UI | Added Option to use a single open torrent options dialog for
multiple torrents [Parg]
    UI | Torrent options dialog now supports file priorities [Parg]
    UI | Automatic setting of decreasing file priorities within a
torrent (based on selection order) [Parg]
    UI | Added session up/down stats to library views [Parg]
    UI | Option to edit trackers when adding a download [Parg]
    UI | Added 'open torrent' option to tray icon [Parg]
    UI | Option to add peer(s) from peers view [Parg]
    UI | Multi-select files in the open torrent options dialog and
move them to a folder in one operation [Parg]
    Core | Support Per-download and per-file alerts [Parg]
    Core | Some interesting config parameters (port numbers for
example) are now exported into a readable file in the config dir
    Core | Auto-tagging based on torrent tracker hosts [Parg]
    Core | Support tags on devices [Parg]
    Core | Support never-transcode as option for device auto-transcoding [Parg]
    Core | Added an 'Untagged' tag to represent downloads with no
manual tag assigned [Parg]
    Core | Added script actions as options for downloading/seeding
complete events [Parg]
    Core | Added ability to set a download's tags in the open torrent
options dialog [Parg]
    Core | Option to set a tag's initial save location [Parg]
    Core | Per-tag target share ratio [Parg]


    UI | XML torrent import function was lost in the Vuze UI at some
point - brought it back [Parg]
    UI | Added download size to archived download display in console UI [Parg]
    UI | Support maximising of torrent options window [Parg]
    UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
    UI | Basque translation update [Azpidatziak]
    UI | Spanish translation update [Valtiel]
    UI | Brought back the select all/mark/unmark buttons to open
torrent options dialog [Parg]
    UI | Brought back ability to set top level folder name for
multi-file torrents [Parg]
    UI | Non-simple torrents with a singel file were displaying
inconsistently [Parg]
    UI | Handle double-click actions in files view correctly [Parg]
    UI | Sidebar download details order no maintained over restart [Parg]
    UI | Scale minibar fixed widget widths to accommodate font changes [Parg]
    Plug | Report removed downloads for a while in xmwebui in case
there are multiple active clients [Parg]
    Plug | Ignore any socks proxy when using loopback connection to
analyse content [Parg]
    Core | Disabled metadata exchange for private torrents [Parg]
    Core | Improved performance of JSON encoding [Parg]
    Core | Prefer UTF-8 over system encoding for torrents if it seems
to be as good [Parg]
    Core | Support more date formats when parsing search results [Parg]

Corrected Bugs:

    UI | Persist column add/remove via header menu [Parg]
    UI | Table structure change was losing a tag listener and
subsequently failing to update correctly [Parg]
    UI | Multiple concurrent torrent additions causing duplicate dialogs [Parg]
    UI | Unloading a plugin was causing a second plugins images to be
disposed [Parg]
    UI | Search bar was truncating long URIs [Parg]
    Plug | Magnet plugin wasn't handling URIs with 'xt' sections properly [Parg]
    Core | Removed blocking call to get public IP address from
initialization path [Parg]
    Core | Downloads were being auto-stored in the wrong location [Parg]
    Core | Respect 'do not activate UI' on download addition again [Parg]
    Core | Fixed end-game-mode looping bug [Parg]
    Core | Lots of minor fixes detected by Coverity static code
analysis tool [Parg]
    Core | Improved performance of timer event handling [Parg]
    Core | Fixed 'upload only' message support [Parg]
    Core | Prevent a hanging UPnP device from blocking caller [Parg]
    Core | Handle separators other than '-' when parsing port ranges [Parg]
    Core | Remove unnecessary retry on downloads that will most likely
fail identically [Parg]
    Core | Alert audio files weren't playing when contained in folders
with certain characters in name [Parg]
    Core | Improved robustness of magnet URI handling [Parg]

2013.08.13 - Vuze

     UI | New 'open-torrent' dialog design [TuxPaper]
    UI | OSX: Detect and reset torretnt file/url associations [TuxPaper]
    UI | Added option to show/hide the icon in the Rank column [Parg]
    UI | Added plugin lifecycle operations to console UI [Parg]
    UI | Added some pairing commands to the console UI [Parg]
    UI | Added 'Tags Overview' view [TuxPaper/Parg]
    UI | Option to toggle the 'new' download state for multiple selection [Parg]
    UI | Per-file availability column added [Parg]
    UI | Option to alter the top-level spacer rows in sidebar to allow
compressed view [Parg]
    UI | Added a peak up/down column and some smoothed stats
(up/down/eta) [Parg]
    UI | You can now rename any of the columns in table views to suit
your needs [Parg]
    UI | Added 'Tags' column to Library views [Parg]
    UI | Library and Files view header now shows selected done/total
file sizes when multi-selected [Parg]
    UI | Added config option to show the Options View as a sidebar
entry rather than a separate window [Parg]
    UI | Added 'reset transfer stats' option to the torrent
options/info view [Parg]
    UI | Added 'hide all' option to auto-tags [Parg]
    UI | Added Console view to Library sub-tabs (requires logging to
be enabled) [Parg]
    Plug | Added discoveries tab to Library views for specific
download/size lookup [Parg]
    Plug | No-proxy option for RSS Feed Scanner [Parg]
    Plug | No-proxy option for Satus Mailer [Parg]
    Plug | Added support for user-provided flags to location provider [Parg]
    Core | Added simple IPv6 connectivity test [Parg]
    Core | Support renaming of device content correctly [Parg]
    Core | Added a 'mark' feature to overall stats so you can count
from a point in time as opposed to install date [Parg]
    Core | Speed limit handler now supports profile specific network
limits [Parg]
    Core | Per-tag minimum share ration option [Parg]
    Core | Added option to move files (rather than copy+delete) on
Windows when source+target same file system [Parg]


    UI | Added roll-up ability for the 'Discovery' sidebar entry [TuxPaper]
    UI | Sidebar pop-up menu now shown in a tree/submenu layout [TuxPaper]
    UI | Removed unreliable/unsupported ping/tracert network tests [Parg]
    UI | Classic UI tab order memory added [Parg]
    UI | Moved search results and swarm discoveries to top of
'Discovery' entry [Parg]
    UI | Auto-hide devices that haven't been seen in a (configurable)
time and alert when this happens [Parg]
    UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
    UI | Basque translation update [Azpidatziak]
    Plug | Added serbian and montenegro flags to location provider [Parg]
    Core | Improved performance of some averaging classes [Parg]
    Core | Major rework to file linking support [Parg]

Corrected Bugs:

    UI | Fixed the min/max button shown for tab view [TuxPaper]
    UI | Fixed some toolbar selection issues [TuxPaper]
    UI | Fix last view not opening [TuxPaper]
    UI | Bring back sidebar popup menu [TuxPaper]
    UI | Better MDI entry/data source handling over restarts [TuxPaper]
    UI | Hack for SWT icon transparency issue on Win 8 [Parg]
    UI | DNS config section wiki link was broken [Parg]
    UI | 'new' indicator wasn't being cleared for 'launch' actions [Parg]
    UI | Fixed weird sort bug caused by sort occurring on hidden column [Parg]
    UI | Fixed deadlock with authentication dialog [Parg]
    UI | Fixed cell-specific cursor changes not working correctly [Parg]
    UI | Newly added subscriptions were not showing correctly [Parg]
    UI | Fixed sort order bug with file view index column [Parg]
    Plug | Get the Twitter plugin working again [Parg]
    Plug | Occasional stack-overflow in Transcoder plugin fix [Parg]
    Core | Few bugfixes for Java 1.7 detection of comparator contract
violation [Parg]
    Core | Fix initialisation deadlock [Parg]
    Core | Increase maximum message size limit due to enormous bit fields [Parg]
    Core | Prevent scheduler from incorrectly resuming manually paused
downloads [Parg]
    Core | Got thread-dumping diagnostic logic working again [Parg]
    Core | Work around for some plugin lock files preventing
auto-backup from working [Parg]
    Core | Update IPFilter modification time so that it correctly is
applied to existing peer connections when modified [Parg]
    Core | Fixed IPFilter bug that was causing it not to work
correctly when the DHT plugin was disabled [Parg]
    Core | Fixed speed limit handler day-selection bug [Parg]
    Core | Fixed incomplete-file-suffix logic not being applied to
plugin added downloads [Parg]
    Core | Allow renaming of files in torrents that resolve to an
identical file system name when transformed to object FS naming
standards [Parg]

2013.05.08 - Vuze

     UI | Buttons on toolbar now only shows on views that need the
buttons [TuxPaper]
    UI | Support dragging files out of Files View as a File object,
allowing dragging to Explorer, Editor, Player, etc [TuxPaper]
    UI | Program icon in file rows of Library view [TuxPaper]
    UI | Added 'pause' as right-click menu option in Library [Parg]
    UI | Added option to add-torrent dialog to perform a swarm
file-size lookup for alternative torrents [Parg]
    UI | Added 'DHT Graph' view to the statistics tab that shows the
main DHT operation state [Parg]
    UI | Added 'Tag Activity' view to the statistics tab that shows
achieved up/down rates for selected tags [Parg]
    UI | Added peer flag and country code as default columns in
library view [Parg]
    UI | Swarm view now shows peer's flags and has tooltip for more
information; double clicking on a peer takes you to the peer in the
peer's view [Parg]
    UI | Added torrent detail tab views to bottom of library views to
give quick access to the download stats [Parg]
    UI | Made the Library view tabs closable [Parg]
    UI | Added a new 'Speed' tab to Library tab view and torrent
details view showing a particular download's activity [Parg]
    UI | Added auto-tags for download state (queued, active, complete
etc) [Parg]
    UI | Added manual tags to allow manual tagging of downloads [Parg]
    UI | Added 'ip set' tags to show peers belonging to ip sets (or
country code sets) and optionally apply rate limits [Parg]
    UI | Flash the 'downloading' sidebar entry when a new download is
added [Parg]
    UI | Table header info in Files views now shows number selected
when > 1 [Parg]
    UI | Added menu link to get from entries in all-peers view to the
relevant download [Parg]
    UI | Added 'remaining' count to aggregated torrents view [Parg]
    Plug | Added option to Media Server plugin to ignore explicit
bind-ips [Parg]
    Plug | Added 'prevent computer sleep' option the the Embedded
Media Player plugin [Parg]
    Plug | Introduced the 'location provider' plugin to make location
information (peer CC, flag) available to the Vuze core [Parg]
    Plug | Added public tags to Swarm Discoveries information [Parg]
    Core | uTP outbound connections now supported [Parg]
    Core | uTP supported on Linux [Parg]
    Core | JSON encoding support for .vuze files [Parg]
    Core | Added a new .vuze file component type to encapsulate
download addition [Parg]
    Core | Introduced Tags as an (eventual) replacement for categories [Parg]
    Core | Added a --restart command to allow scripted restart of Vuze [Parg]
    Core | Speed Limit Handler now supports the inclusion of country
codes into 'ip set' definitions [Parg]
    Core | Fixed up IPv6 version server and DHT bootstrap somewhat [Parg]
    Core | Support IP bind for HTTPS URLs [Parg]
    Core | Added option to retain 'force' status of a download when
transitioning from downloading to seeding [Parg]
    Core | Improvements to plugin interface to support embedding Vuze [Parg]


    UI | Better magnet URL parsing when entering web page URL [TuxPaper]
    UI | Torrent icon is now shown by default in name column [TuxPaper]
    UI | Blue now is "incomplete" and green is "complete" for progress
bar column, play button, download/upload arrow [TuxPaper]
    UI | Default columns in "Simple View" have changed [TuxPaper]
    UI | Added a up/down arrow to the "#"/"Order" column [TuxPaper]
    UI | Progress column no longer shows speed and ETA by default
(configurable) -- speed and ETA have been added as separate columns
    UI | Start, Stop, Play/Stream, and View Mode buttons on toolbar
updated [TuxPaper]
    UI | Sidebar now has a "Content Discovery" section. Related views
have been moved there (Vuze HD Network, Games, Search Results, Swarm
Discoveries, Subscriptions) [TuxPaper]
    UI | Renamed "Files" section to "My Torrents" and moved the
section to the top [TuxPaper]
    UI | Added the rating column by default to some library views [Parg]
    UI | Tidied up some aspects of the rating plugin interface [Parg]
    UI | Reset table config when the 'reset config' button selected in
Options->Mode [Parg]
    UI | Increase maximum manual piece size in torrent creation wizard [Parg]
    UI | Improved the 'no updates available' text for beta users [Parg]
    UI | Romainian language update [Laurentiu]
    UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
    Plug | Vuze Web Remote: Support most of Transmission's remote API [TuxPaper]
    Plug | Remember side-bar close state for Swarm Discoveries and
Embedded Media Player [TuxPaper]
    Plug | Remember Swarm Discoveries selection when switching away
from the view and back [Parg]
    Core | Support faster refresh interval for the auto-torrent
importer; ensure import run on startup [Parg]
    Core | Decrease memory used with queued UDP packets by trimming to
MTU [Parg]
    Core | Decrease buffer copy operations for UDP operations (DHT and
uTP) [Parg]
    Core | Added 'sleep' parameter to powrprof call when putting
computer to sleep [Parg]
    Core | Improve performance for async-dispatcher operations [Parg]
    Core | Don't waste CPU creating anti-spoof ids for distant DHT nodes [Parg]
    Core | Cache torrent file count to reduce torrent file loading on
startup [Parg]
    Core | Webseed downloader instantiation delayed until required [Parg]
    Core | Pick up <link> value for download link if nothing else
available in RSS feed subscriptions [Parg]

Corrected Bugs:

    UI | Library in "Simple View" mode is now tall enough to display
two lines of text [TuxPaper]
    UI | Sample column on Column Setup Window is no longer partially
hidden by scrollbar [TuxPaper]
    UI | Fixerd filter box flickering when mousing over [TuxPaper]
    UI | Fixed resource leak in table views, in particular the 'all
peers' view [Parg]
    UI | 'Play now' was not working properly with files using the
'incomplete suffix' feature [Parg]
    UI | Fixed classic view options panel not auto-reopening on start [Parg]
    UI | External seed peers weren't showing outgoing request details [Parg]
    Core | Files using the 'incomplete suffix' feature were not having
this removed correctly if manually relocated [Parg]
    Core | Built-in tracker wasn't obeying the 'ignore key check' option [Parg]
    Core | Ensure UDP selector is deactivated when idle [Parg]
    Core | Auto-resume of auto-paused downloads on stop option was broken [Parg]
    Core | Stop completely failing SSL certificates containing ECC
named curves that we don't know about [Parg]
    Core | Work around the occasional presence of alternative crypto
providers that clash with the default [Parg]
    Core | Reworked the registration/lookup mechanism for the rating
plugin to improve scalability [Parg]
    Core | Resource downloader wasn't ending the 'no proxy' block
correctly [Parg]
    Core | Torrent paused state was not being cleared properly when
the torrent was manually started [Parg]
    Core | Fixed high CPU usage bug in magnet-uri handler when bind
failed [Parg]
    Core | Fixed deleted tracker URLs reappearing due to DNS TXT
handling and main announce URL being same as deleted one in tracker
group [Parg]
    Core | Fixed UI deadlock in table sort code [Parg]
    Core | Fixed some performance issues caused by per-download
listeners being added to various config variables [Parg]
    Core | Introduced a linked-list backed 'copy on write'
implementation to fix some performance issues [Parg]
    Core | Prevent metadata downloads from triggering 'on download
complete' actions [Parg]

-- System Information:
Debian Release: jessie/sid
  APT prefers testing
  APT policy: (600, 'testing'), (500, 'testing-updates'), (1,
'experimental'), (1, 'unstable')
Architecture: amd64 (x86_64)

Kernel: Linux 3.13-1-amd64 (SMP w/2 CPU cores)
Locale: LANG=en_IN, LC_CTYPE=en_IN (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
065C 6D79 A68C E7EA 52B3  8D70 950D 53FB 729A 8B17

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Dear submitter,

as the package azureus has just been removed from the Debian archive
unstable we hereby close the associated bug reports.  We are sorry
that we couldn't deal with your issue properly.

For details on the removal, please see

The version of this package that was in Debian prior to this removal
can still be found using

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