> 1) libcommons-lang3-java must be rebuild using openjdk-9 with docs and
> tests disabled
Then install the resulting deb binary.

> 2) rebuild with openjdk-10, keep doc and tests disabled
Or maybe with just tests disabled, I might have run with docs disabled
just to get a binary a bit faster. Tests must be disabled because for
some reason surefire seems to embed those classes into it's own jars
instead of using them from libcommons-lang3-java (otherwise installing
the deb binary from step #1 should have fixed it). And then, again,
install the resulting deb binary.

> 3) rebuild surefire with the new libcommons-lang3-java
It might also require the tests to be disabled IIRC. And then install
the deb binary.

> 4) rebuild libcommons-lang3-java with openjdk-10 with tests and docs enabled 
> (just to be sure it works)

surefire needs to be rebuild after uploading the deb binary from step #4.

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