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>> Why not ? We can pursue yarn packaging to contrib in parallel with
>the mid-term task of bringing it back to main.
>> This is best handled with a separate git branch (master-contrib ?)

I was thinking of yarn-installer as a separate package, because I want it in 
stretch as well.

>> I am ready to give it a try.
>> The missing dependencies can be individually npm install-ed.

But we have no npm in stretch...

>> Two options I can think of:
>> - providing the resulting node_modules directory as a huge patch
>> - running npm install xxx ... in debian/rules
>> which is best ?

I think we will have to just wget the dist tarballs, extract and copy it to 
node_modules, as we can't depend on npm in stretch.

node_modules will have to be in /var/lib and a symlink can be in 

>> Paolo
>> P.S. yarn 1.6.0 is out, I am updating the repo just now
>I had forgot there was already a (quite old) debian-contrib branch, so
>I used that.
>I also used the option of running npm install xxx in debian/rules.
>Note that in addition to all the missing deps I listed here:
>I also had to install uuid, because of:
>Anyway it builds fine with:
>git checkout debian-contrib 
>gbp buildpackage -uc -us --git-debian-branch=debian-contrib 
>The resulting yarnpkg_1.6.0-1_all.deb installs, and yarnpkg can be run.
>But if I use it to setup a simple project it fails:
>mkdir q
>cd q
>yarnpkg init
>yarnpkg add ci-info
>yarn add v1.6.0
>info No lockfile found.
>[1/4] Resolving packages...
>error An unexpected error occurred:
>"https://registry.yarnpkg.com/ci-info: connect ENOENT /ci-info".
>info If you think this is a bug, please open a bug report with the
>information provided in "/root/node-yarnpkg/q/yarn-error.log".
>info Visit https://yarnpkg.com/en/docs/cli/add for documentation about
>this command.
>This looks like a network error but my network is working and I can
>download that JSON file.
>Could it be one of the many out-of-date dependencies we're cheating
>about ?

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