On Thu, 6 Sep 2018, Pirate Praveen wrote:
I suggest we categorize the packages in NEW and process accordingly. I can help 
with categorizing it.

I propose the following,

1. Simple modules that could be embedded - REJECT.
2. Modules that includes a build step, for example that needs babel, webpack 
etc. (Modules that will produce a source is missing lintian error). I think 
those packages would be better in their own package as it will make embedding 
more complicated to maintain - ACCEPT
3. A module that is a dependency or build dependency of more than 3 packages 
(arbitrary, could be 5 as well) - ACCEPT

There should be no package from 1. in 3.
One line of code (=exaggeration for simple module) should be always embedded independent of the number of packages that depend on it.


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