Le 09/09/2018 à 23:36, Bastien ROUCARIES a écrit :
> On Sat, Sep 8, 2018 at 6:17 PM Xavier <y...@debian.org> wrote:
>> Le 07/09/2018 à 16:36, Xavier a écrit :
>>> Le 07/09/2018 à 13:38, Bastien ROUCARIES a écrit :
>>>> On Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 9:45 PM Thorsten Alteholz <deb...@alteholz.de> 
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Hi Bastien,
>>>>> On Wed, 5 Sep 2018, Bastien ROUCARIES wrote:
>>>>>>>   - put together packages that belong together; I am not sure here, but
>>>>>>>     wouldn't it be fine to have just one package node-d3 or node-babel
>>>>>>>     that contains all corresponding modules (though their different 
>>>>>>> versions
>>>>>>>     might create problems in keeping track of them)?
>>>>>> I strongly oppose to keep different version.#
>>>>> I don't meant to have different versions of one package here, but
>>>>> bundling several packages with different versions, so that it might not be
>>>>> clear what version the resulting package might get.
>>>> I agree with this maybe we could get something like:
>>>> mainpackage+embded-nameembded1-version+embded-namembdedversion2-version+version
>>>> ?
>>>> Bastien
>>> Hello,
>>> I've written a little draft:
>>> https://wiki.debian.org/Javascript/GroupedSourcePackageProxy
>> I've updated draft to build a stateless proxy: DB was a bad idea since
>> it can be modified at each request.
>> I started to build groupedsources.cgi. The function to build grouped
>> upstream sources works. Now I'm going to write the download part. When
>> ready, you will be able to test with node-tap, simply by changing
>> debian/watch.
> No I will not use as is. Actually node-tap use upstream tar ball
> renamed as per dpkg spec [1].
> You solution use a repack...
> uscan support multiple tar (in V4) but only with one version. Your
> redirector could help by fixing the version problem.

OK, my redirector is ready. It provides all component with the same
version. Example of debian/watch:

# Main
# Component own-or
opts=component=own-or \

Downloads are redirected to npmjs and not built by groupedsources.cgi

> A minor point about version, it should be + instead of ~. Embded
> version are after normal version. I think the best will be to use +~
> to separate embed version. It is unlikey someone will use +~ and it is
> a perfectly legal string.
> so I will recommend as version
> mainversion+dsembded+~version1+~version2+~version3

OK, to simplify version, the second part is a cumulative version (sum of
digits of each component). Example: 1.2.3+~6.2.4
There is a "over" parameter in CGI to increase first digit (in case it
was decreased due to the removal of 1 component)

>> If this proposition is acceptable, I'll propose a policy patch to
>> authorize JS grouped sources and a JS policy patch for details.
> [1] 
> https://raphaelhertzog.com/2010/09/07/how-to-use-multiple-upstream-tarballs-in-debian-source-packages/
>> Cheers,
>> Xavier

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