On 13/09/18 14:32, Pirate Praveen wrote:
> On 9/13/18 2:22 PM, Pirate Praveen wrote:
>> I had to remove the dependency from all embedded modules as well and now
>> autopkgtest is passing.
> Backporting node-bluebird is going to be challenging (impossible?). It
> build depends on node-acron which build depends on rollup, but rollup is
> not yet in testing (and its going to be very challenging to get rollup
> to testing).
> Any ideas? May be use older version of acorn which does not depend on
> rollup? Can bluebird be replaced with another promise implementation?

Hi Praveen,

Hmm. No ideas for bluebird here really, other than bundling a pre-built
acorn npm node_module style.

What is the hold up with rollup? I was looking into rollup/acorn in
Ubuntu, and things have got very messy there. None of them will build
without the right version of each other. It looks like a messed up
transition in Debian. We should probably sort things out in Debian first!

By the way, I was trying to do the node-tar backport before I went away
with work for a few days, but got stuck with a pkg-components issue. I
just tried to push my changes, but I see you have pushed a new changelog
entry. Let me know if I should rebase onto your changes and git push (if
you got no further than the changelog).



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