Le 01/04/2019 à 12:09, Dmitry Bogatov a écrit :
> Hello!
> Could someone please review js-team/node-ansi-up package?


take a look at my changes:

> Following is done:
>  * upstream tarball is repacked to exclude examples with missing
>    sources and pre-built js file (source file is typescript, I believe)

upstream branch was not up-to-date (and tag was missing). Done

>  * lintian is happy

Now yes ;-) [except one lintian bug: dversionmazngle=auto is not yet
recognize, I'm going to fill a MR for that]

debian/watch and debian/copyright needed an update

>  * upstream tests pass

Modified to use pkg-js-tools and so enable upstream test in autopkgtest

>  * debian/tests/require is successful

Removed and replaced by pkg-js-tools/pkg-js-autopkgtest

It looks good now for me


> What is not done:
>  * I do not know, how to verify that browser version works.

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