Hi all,

yui3 package has many problems:
 - Debian problems:
   * RC/DFSG bug
   * never updated since old-old-stable (except a Security Team change)
   * not released in stable, neither old-stable
   * debian/watch points to a site now redirected to a GitHub repo that
     builds a "yui" library [1]
 - Consistency problems:
   * "yui" npmjs package points to [1]
   * "yui" npm module is "YUI 3: The Yahoo User Interface Library"
   * our packages are named libjs*yui3*
   * "yui3" npmjs package points to [2] with a very different content
     than our
   * [2] is a fork of [3]
   * [1] seems unmaintained for 5 years
   * [2] seems unmaintained for 8 years
   * [3] seems unmaintained for 7 years

yui3 is a reverse dependency of loggerhead:
 * maintained by Bazaar Team
 * not in stable, neither in testing (blocked by yui3 of course)

loggerhead has no reverse dependencies

So my question are:
 * Does Bazaar Team wanted to maintain loggerhead in Debian?
   => if no, please ROM-RM to permits our ROM-RM of yui3
   => if yes, does Bazaar Team want to maintain yui3 by itself?
      * if yes, please go ahead
      * if no:
        - which repo is the good dependency of loggerhead
        - does JS Team want to clean and maintain this?
          (yadd advice is "**no**")


[1]: https://github.com/yui/yui3
[2]: https://github.com/davglass/nodejs-yui3
[3]: https://github.com/yui/nodejs-yui3

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