On Sun, Nov 06, 2011 at 01:27:42AM -0600, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Hi,
> In February, I wrote[1]:
> > Both LinuxNode (package "node") and node.js (package "nodejs") are
> > designed to be accessed through the command name "node".
> [...]
> > If there is any way I can help, please feel free to ask.
> No response from the "node" package maintainers.  My offer still
> stands, but I am worried that this is not going to be fixed before the
> next release.
> So, what next?  Should the node package be orphaned?  Based on popcon,
> it seems to have a small but respectable and growing number of users.
> Maybe if the current status of the package were more obvious, someone
> would start working on it (well, one can hope).

Popcorn is not a definitive measure of a package's use or usefulness to
a group of people.  Not every machine runs popcorn.

Debian maintainers, like all free software maintainers, work on what they
choose to work on for their own reasons and in their own time frame.  Please 
do not confuse a lack of updates with a lack of active maintainer(s).  The 
upstream AX25 tools have not had much activity and for the most part do what 
they are designed to do.

The binary on the ham radio side is not "LinuxNode" in package "node" it is
simply "node" in package "node"

Since you are still concerned with this issue, and neither side has shown a
willingness to change, I would say the time has come for both packages to be 

Pat (one of the unresponsive ham radio maintainers)

Patrick Ouellette                 p...@flying-gecko.net
ne4po (at) arrl (dot) net         Amateur Radio: NE4PO 

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