Patrick Ouellette wrote:
> The syslog case does not apply since the *standard* syslog was changed
> at the distribution level and another package *provides* the same 
> functionality.  Users could, if the old syslog package is still in the
> archive, install the old syslog as an alternative.

Sure, or they could not notice the syslog change in the rest of the
upgrade noise, and have anything that depended on the name break --
but nobody has complained about that happening.


a) None or a very small number of users are affected by the name change
   of a daemon.
b) Users are affected, but all have no problem with fixing their system.
   (By either changing it to use the new name, or installing a package,
   makes little difference.)
c) All users are so careful during upgrades that anyone affected
   noticed the change and did not let it happen. If you think this
   is the case, I have a debian-user list to sell you. ;-)

see shy jo

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