On 12-02-12 at 07:04pm, David Paleino wrote:
> It seems like Jonas is the CDBS guy, and me the dh7 one :)


Please drop the 7 when referring to dh to avoid unnecessary confusion: 
Yes, debhelper 7 introduced "dh", the piece which clashes with CDBS (due 
to partly reimplementing it), but debhelper 7 did not drop the classic 
dh_* commands and those continue to work fine together with CDBS.

> I prefer git-buildpackage with full sources too (i.e. just follow what 
> Jonas said). And I'd say we should mandate this style in the team :)

I suggest that instead of "mandating" we instead simply document our 
preferences - implicitly inviting strongly opiniated newcomers to try 
argue their case.

That leaves the door open for change: Had the team mandated dh few 
months ago, then I would have simply stayed away.  It would be lovely if 
all of Debian could agree on a single set of tools (as long as *my* 
preferences are the ones agreed on ;-) ), but strict team rules is not 
helping towards that goal IMO.

> and then ping me (also via private mail), I'll review it.

Please do ping via the list, even if (mainly) targeting only one of us: 
That encourages more/alternate reviewers, and improves transparency in 
our team.

 - Jonas

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