On 18/02/2012 15:49, Белов Сергей wrote:
> Hi,
> Just to let you know: released today npm2debian@0.2.9 with all the latest 
> features (dh7 and so on).
> It also has basic docs now on https://github.com/arikon/npm2debian
> Feel free to try it and post suggestions to the issue tracker on github.

First we should clearly draw a line between npm2debian, seen as a npm package,
that is currently installable using
   npm install git://github.com/arikon/npm2debian.git

and the future debian package npm2debian, that will declare its dependencies
in debian/control. To be acceptable, those dependencies will need to be 
as debian packages as well.
Among some of them is npm itself, so i quickly fixed the current debian package
available in

to install itself as a require-able nodejs module.

What's great about all this is that npm2debian will help itself be an acceptable
debian package, since we would ideally use it to prepare its dependencies :)


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