Hi JS team,

I've just updated jquery-lazyload's git repo [0] with its latest
version 1.7.2 (released today).
It would be nice if one of you could review it, and if everything is
OK, upload it.

The only changes I've made to the debian package is bump the
Standards-Version in debian/control (fixes the only Lintian warning)
and update debian/changelog.

I forgot to pass the "--pristine-tar" argument to `git-import-orig`,
so I did it again with the parameter after having pushed my changes.
It complained that the tag already existed, but apparently the
pristine-tar got properly updated. Let me know if I did something
wrong, I'm still pretty new to packaging with Git ;)
By the way, I would have a question for you guys: I'm used to retrieve
the new version with `uscan`, which will unpack the new release
tarball in a new directory in ../ and copy the ./debian* files to that
new directory. However, that new directory is not versioned with git,
so I executed `git-import-orig` from inside the "old" versioned
directory, pointing it to the newly downloaded tarball. I just wanted
to check if that was the proper way of doing things.


[0] http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-javascript/jquery-lazyload.git

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