On 12-03-06 at 05:40pm, Jérémy Lal wrote:
> On 06/03/2012 17:14, Felipe Sateler wrote:
> > I might (hopefully...) have time to help, and I will need this. Is
> > there any roadmap on what is missing to get an updated npm package?
> There is :
> * package dependencies that are in node_modules
> * make sure the license is free (MIT +no-false-attribs)
> I update regularly the collab-maint git repository, and
> npm 1.1.4 package built from it is usable.

Related to that: Please don't update in git the copyright_hints file if 
changes not reflected in copyirhgt file.  The very point of that hints 
file is to track changes.

Also, please do not blindly bump format hint in first line of copyright 
file.  License field is not allowed to contain spaces in final release 
of the format.

Oh, and that fork or Expat license seems to have a flaw: It is not clear 
whether it talks only about the original author or any subsequent 
author.  I would recommend upstream to not try hack legalese but instead 
simply document clearly a friendly _request_ to do do same as now 
codified in license.

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