On 12-03-09 at 04:34pm, Jérémy Lal wrote:
> * it is really easy to comply with this license.
> * the bug-reporting contacts can be changed easily
> * they don't need to be changed anyway, the npm debian package won't need
>   any patch (i mean the one being prepared, version 1.1.x, not the one in sid,
>   which is outdated)
> * the author knows perfectly well i'm willing to distribute npm unpatched,
>   since we've talked this through a while ago.

NB! The fact that npm *currently* need no patching is irrelevant.  As an 
example, imagine a security fix NMU - i.e. a patch applied by someone 
not closely familiar with the package: Would easily violate the license.

I therefore recommend that if npm is packaged for Debian then we take 
the necessary steps from the beginning even if not strictly required, to 
avoid future complications.

 - Jonas

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