Hi Martin,

On Sun, 2012-03-11 at 02:48 +0000, nore...@alioth.debian.org wrote:
> Martin Skøtt (mskott-guest) has requested to join your project. 
> You can approve this request here: 
> https://alioth.debian.org/project/admin/users.php?group_id=100128 
> Comments by the user:
> I would like to join the JavaScript team to help in packaging packages 
> related to Node.js. I have created a package of the node-mongodb-native API 
> to access MongoDB databases from Node.JS.
> I am currently working on a Node.JS based start up so it is very likely that 
> I will be contributing to other Node.js related packages too.

Welcome to the Debian JavaScript Team!

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Marcelo Jorge Vieira

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