Hi Jérémy,

Excellent, all of those recent changes!

On 12-04-07 at 01:54am, Jérémy Lal wrote:
> > Please use either true upstream URL (at Github) or a 
> > Debian-maintained redirection service to track and download upstream 
> > source (see node-xmpp for an example, using githubredir.debian.net).  
> > The npmjs.org registry is nice but less trustworthy.
> Lot more work to do, but done, see git log (i hope i managed to get 
> something readable this time).

Sensible, yes.  Not sure I like your DEB_UPSTREAM_REPACKAGE_TAG 
resolving (or that it works at all): I'd simple leave it out and 
explicitly declare it if ever needed to be different from the different 
"dfsg".  But that's a minor issue, we can deal with that later...

> NB: Should i list added Build-Depends in changelog ?

Yes, I find that best: Generally all changes reaching the end user 
should be documented in changelog, and changes to package relations sure 
belong in that category.

I've taken the liberty to do that on your behalf, and is now compiling 
the package...

 - Jonas

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