On Wed, May 02, 2012 at 12:13:49PM -0500, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Patrick Ouellette wrote:
> > Likewise I can argue the number of people with installed ham radio systems
> > is a good reason NOT to change the current situation.
> You can, yes.  But how does that move things forward at all?

I never said it did.  Clearly both sides have valid reasons to
not change.  Equally clear to me is one side ignored policy
and created an issue to attempt to force a resolution they hope
will be in their favor rather than solve the issue first.

> This is not supposed to be a popularity contest.  I mentioned the
> large pile of scripts because _every one of them would have to be
> changed_ to have a working system.  By contrast, there are two
> configuration files mentioned so far that refer to /usr/sbin/node.

The scripts (on either side) could be changed with a scripted change. 

If it is so simple to change the configuration files for the ham radio
users, why has not a Node.js person put forth code to do this and advocated
it on debian-hams and linux-hams? (The "patch" sent does not address
automatically updating anything)

I've discussed it with other ham radio operators.  They shudder at the
thought of changing the name because of the possible issues that will
come up.

> [...]
> > If it were "easy" to get an exception, why has this not already happened?
> Because you did not ask for one.  Instead you have been wasting time
> arguing and defending against an opponent you seem to assume is not
> going to care or listen to you.

The Node.js people apparently didn't ask for one either
pot - kettle - black

As for the last line, if I thought the opponent did not care or was
not going to listen I would not waste the time putting forth my
position.  Since it would seem that is where we are, I won't
continue to waste my time.

Here is my proposal:
Node.js people, put forth a reasonable and workable plan to allow
hundreds or thousands of ham radio users to transition from 
/usr/sbin/node to /usr/sbin/axnode, including reliable shell scripts
to verify all the files on the system are identified and allowed to
be patched or manually modified.  You created the situation, you 
provide the manpower to resolve it in the way you prefer.

Pat - NE4PO

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