*Hi ,*
*    This message is very private and please treat it as such , I am Jamal
Baba, a very close  confidant of the late Libyan leader Gadaffi . I was
able to escape to another country during the beginning of Libyan uprising
in 2011  with a substantial amount of money for safe keeping on his
instructions .This money was successfully lodged in a safe deposit house in
disguise where I am at the moment .*
*   My boss is no more alive and I cannot go back to my country in the near
future , so I thought the best thing is to look for a reliable person like
you to help me move and invest the money wisely in a legitimate venture in
a safe country, to yield good profit for our mutual benefits . Get back to
me please  if this is what you can handle .*
*Jamal .*
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