On 25/07/2012 23:26, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Hi - especially Jérémy,
> As I wrote you on IRC, I prepared a package release of nodejs fixing the 
> namespace clash.
> As you noticed, I did so carefully keeping changes to an absolute 
> minimum - e.g. editing debian/control directly instead of the usual 
> indirect editing via debian/control.in.  Reason for that is to raise the 
> likelihood of release managers approving a request for freeze exception.
> Unfortunately the build currently fails to build, and I'd love it if 
> someone (you, Jérémy?) could have a look at it with fresh eyes.

The "stack-overflow" test expected output seems to vary when using libv8
version that is in debian :

As you said, executing the tests in a chroot seems to trigger those
Fixing the cause of this bug in  libv8 looks hard, unless someone can point
us to the right v8 commit.

As a workaround we could loosen the expected result described in

to something like (to be tested) :


RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded



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