On 12-07-31 at 09:06pm, Marcelo Jorge Vieira wrote:
> Thanks for the great work against nodejs package! =D
> I have some questions. Why both node-colors and node-skin-test
> were added to the nodejs Breaks list? These packages do not
> reference /usr/bin/node.

I compiled this initial list based on build-dependency and dependency, 
not looking at actual paths of all packaging code and installed code.

I intend to do another release with urgency medium adjusting the breaks 
when nodejs has been in instable for 5 days, and then request 
freeze-exception for that adjusted package.  Adjustments are both a) 
packages wrongly breaked against, b) packages missed to break against, 
and c) using the better (<< $corrected~) for packages that has been 
fixed - because a binNMU will bypass (<= $wrong) scheme currently used.

So thanks for pointing out node-colors and node-skin-test - I'll correct 
those.  You are quite welcome to help run through the remaining ones too 
- and also to cross-check via different methods than (build-)depends if 
I've missed some.

As mentioned I hope to get most possible of them done withing 5 days of 
the this nodejs package release entering unstable.

(obviously, if it turns out there are other RC bugs in the nodejs 
package, that timer is reset and we "win" some more time to work on its 

 - Jonas

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