Package: libjs-wax
Version: 5.0.1+ds1-1
Justification: renders package unusable
Severity: grave

Dear Maintainer,

Upon trying to use wax.leaf.js the browser reports "html4 is not
defined" from wax.leaf.js:842.

The html4 object which it mentions is provided by the html4 package
within google-caja.

More specifically in debian/rules the get-orig-source target removes the
third-party embedded libs for the google-caja html-sanitizer from the
source package (ext/html-sanitizer-bundle.js) and
re-pulls this file from

However, the two files are not the same. Specifically the one you pull
in doesn't provide html4, whereas the one included in the upstream
source package did.

This is furthermore complicated by the fact that upstream removed the
html4-defs.js file (which is the one we need) from the upstream source
tree in r3013 because it is now build as part of the build process of
google-caja, so we can't simply pull it in.

I see two options to fix this issue.

Option 1 is to leave the included ext/html-sanitizer-bundle.js from the
upstream source tarball in tact and use it. However I don't think this
is a viable option as it is probably against Debian policy.

Option two is to package google-caja in Debian. Doing so will build the
required html4-defs.js file from source and provide it for use within
Debian, allowing libjs-wax to simply Depend on google-caja and use it's
html4-defs.js file.

Until such time as this is fixed, unless there is some other way to use
wax, I think the package should be removed from Debian since it is not
usable in it's current form (happy to be proven wrong).


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