On Sun, 2012-09-09 at 00:11 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> On 12-09-09 at 07:32am, Raif S. Naffah wrote:
> > Package: npm
> > Version: 1.1.4
> > 
> > when installing 'redis' (Node.js client for the redis persistent
> > storage, already successfully installed w/ 'apt-get install redis') a
> > TypeError is thrown.  transcript follows:
> What versions of npm and nodejs do you use?

as mentioned in the report: npm 1.1.4 and node 0.6.19

> I believe Nodejs currently in Sid needs a newer npm than is available 
> yet.  The underlying problem is the infamous change of /usr/bin/node → 
> /usr/bin/nodejs

i dont think so.  on the respberry-pi nodejs is symlinked to node.

looking at the npm-debug log file is looks like npm is being called with
uid/gid "nobody" and 0 which to my limited exposure to Debain, node.js
and the rest seems to ultimately cause the error.

running, as root: 'node /usr/share/npm/bin/npm-get-uid-gid.js' results
in {"uid":0,"gid":0} which seems to be what the code is expecting

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