Hi David,

I refer to your recent commits to node-carto.


On 27 Aug and 01 Sept I added commits to fix the node->nodejs issue and
add a missing recommends dependency. I also informed you about these via

From looking at the git history, you have then come along and
essentially ignored my work and recreated these fixes directly on top of
the commit 8d3d27681bbfe78def5bb3479e06b09e237bfff4, essentially
ignoring my work.

I find this behaviour very insulting to myself.

On 27/08/12 22:45, Andrew Harvey wrote:
> Hi David,
> I've added commits for both node-carto and node-get on alioth so that
> they work with latest nodejs versions due to the renaming of the node
> interpreter.
> Hopefully we can get these uploaded into wheezy? Or is that too late?
> Thanks,
> Andrew

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