25.10.2012 12:15, Jérémy Lal пишет:

> I see no problem in applying that patch, but I'd like to understand
> if that patch can be forwarded upstream or not.
> Do you know why upstream choose those options for sunos ?

I think upstream will not accept these patches.
Node.js is developed by Joyent, and Joyent is all about illumos
(aka Opensolaris). So there are at least three reasons not to accept

1. "GNU? Why do we need to take care of third-party software?"
2. "We have our own cool link-editor, you should use it on `sunos` ".
3. "Our build system is badly broken to support this" [1]

I know those guys well enough :-)

(-threads options was dropped since GCC 4.7)


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