I have heard twice that someone wants to take over maintainership of libextjs. Dapal asked me on IRC, but I'm not sure about his email (if he's not reading this list, can someone forward to his email address, which I don't know?).

If so, please go ahead! I am the maintainer of too many packages already, I would have like to update libextjs to it's latest version 3, but I had not time for it. I'd welcome anyone to do this work. I'd like also to be kept in the Uploaders: field.

The only thing that I ask is that libextjs 3 stays in Debian. Best would be to have both the latest v3 and v4 in Debian, as they aren't compatible. I maintain the extplorer package in Debian, and upstream author told me he wont ever be compatible with extjs 4.



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